Friday, 23 August 2013

Liverpool Women's Midwifery Event in Kirkby Town Centre

Having two young babies, I am all too aware of what it means to have good antenatal care. I believe that it can have an effect on your mental well being as well as your physical health during pregnancy. I had three very different birth experiences with all my baby girls, but the care I received from the East Maple midwifery team, part of the Liverpool Women's NHS Trust was wonderful, especially from Jo Elliot, who was my midwife throughout both of my recent pregnancies.

Today, Jo and their team put on a great event in Kirkby town centre. They hired a shop out for the day and invited members of the public to come in to talk about their own birthing/pregnancy experiences. There was also face painting, free sweet treats and a little play area for the kids to enjoy.

Photographs from the event today
It was great to see familiar faces of the midwives, out in the community and also showing us about their hard work.

Home Births

One of the aims of the event today was to raise awareness for home-births. There are many benefits to choosing a home birth:

* Guarantees one to one midwifery care in labour
* You are less restricted with who can be present at the birth
* Women often feel more in control and relaxed at home
* No travelling involved

Last year I studied a module on the history of medicine, some of which covered midwifery, so I know that birth has essentially been medicalised over time and that it seems now a lot of women are keen to give birth in a natural setting, away from the hospital. After all, giving birth is a natural process, not a medical emergency.

I was classed as high risk with Rosie due to complications with Alice, so did not opt for a home birth, but it is something I may have considered more carefully had the complications not arisen. At the end of the day, it is a personal choice for yourself and your family and you have to do what is best for you. That is why it was great to see the midwives out today providing information and support to women about these decisions. Pregnancy can be difficult, emotionally and physically, so it's great to know that there is support out there. They're doing a great job.

The Maple East Team

For more information on homebirths, or for any other advice, you can catch them on Twitter


or for the team covering Kirkby, Sefton and Croxteth


They also host regular #TweetTheMidwife sessions, which I think is fab.

Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust
Crown Street, Liverpool,
Merseyside, L8 7SS

To book your first appointment with one of the midwives call 0151 247 4747.

*No disclosure, this was an event in my local community that I support*

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