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Kids Book Review: The Anagranimals and the Wishing Tree

We are mad about books in our house. We all have our own bookcase each, they are on our shelves, and cupboards and under the bed...basically the whole house is covered in books, seriously. Somehow I just can't imagine being without them - and we love passing on the joys of reading to our kids. It's important that they sit and read, together or alone, and just have that quiet time, to feed their imagination.

That's why we were very happy
to be picked to review this brand new children's book - "The Anagranimals and the Wishing Tree" by Leith Moghli.


The story is about 6 very ordinary animals - Heidi the Hippo, Pedro the Pig, Lancelot the Lion , Ebenezer the Elephant, George the Giraffe and Rocky the Rhino. The animals want to be able to do things that each of the other animals can do. One day, a magical tree grants them a wish , and they each wish for the best parts of the other animals. This is where the fun begins - Heidi becomes a Hippo-Croco-Puss, Pedro becomes a Pig-Orilla-Roo and without spoiling the book for you -  all of the other animals are transformed into other weird and wonderful animals!

Age Range

The book is aimed at children aged between 5 and 9, but of course this can vary depending on your child's interests. Emily has just turned 10, and although she enjoyed the book, I'd say she was just a little bit too old for it. What we enjoyed the most was Emily reading the book to Alice, because although Alice is a little bit young for the book - she enjoyed having Emily read it to her and point out all the different animals - so it was great in that way.

The Brand & Author

Anagranimals is a brand new brainchild from creator Leith Moghli. He has two more books in the pipeline and will be launching a new website with lots of fun and interractive activities for the kids in the next few weeks. We will definitely be keeping our eye out for that. What I loved is the fact that they also have a range of interchangable cuddly toys in the making - the kids love having toys that relate to the books that they love, so this is a really great idea.

The author himself, Leith Moghli is a family man, and dedicates his book to his two children Heidi and George. They have a dog called Charlie, a cat called Mickey and a horse called Sealand. There is also a shy hedgehog called Nigel that lives at the bottom of Leith's garden. I do wonder if having all of these animals inspired him to write the book?!

Our Verdict

This book is great for kids.There are lots of detailed illustrations on each page and the storyline is exciting and unique. Emily and Alice found the pictures of the anagranimals funny, and Alice was laughing at the muddled animals! As a Mum I thought that it was a great book - I found that it really encouraged the kids to use their imagination in thinking up new and exciting animal combos!

This book retails at £7.99 and can be bought from Amazon.

 *Disclosure: we were sent the book free of charge for the purpose of this review. All views are our own*

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  1. It is so awesome that your whole family is so into books. It's so hard these days with all the electronic devices that can occupy us! I would recommend a couple books by Barbara Ward, They are The Reindeer Keeper and The Snowman Maker, they are both great books to read at bedtime or by the fire. They are going to get wrapped up in my house this year for Christmas!


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