Friday, 30 August 2013

Easy Mum Recipe: Sunday Roast Beef Dinner

Before I begin, I reckon that I do the best roast potatoes, better than anyone. But of course, every mum says this! This is not a catch-all perfect recipe for a Sunday roast dinner this is just my version of it. I know that everyone has their way of doing things
and I've learned from the best over the years - my Mum, Warren's Mum and erm.. Jamie Oliver (yes I'm poor, Jamie!!) and all those types of people. So I suppose this is just how I do it and seeing as though it is Friday, I'm posting this now so that you can get the stuff in and maybe give it a go. We don't have a roast dinner every Sunday, but I do it about twice a month and I'll even be crazy and do one midweek now and again, usually with a chicken. This recipe is for a beef roast, hope you can pick up some tips and if you do it better than me, leave me a comment below I'm always open to suggestions...

You will need:

* Cut of beef
* Vegetables - I've used carrots and broccoli here
* Potatoes - I don't have a preference, just use what you like the best
* Oxo cube(s)
* Cornflour
* Flour
* Egg(s)
* Milk

Timings: You're going to cook most things at the same time. So the spuds, meat and yorkshire puddings will be in the oven all at the same time, just in case my method isn't clear. Roast dinners are like SCIENCE, if you mess it up then things might explode in your face. Possibly.

1. Get your beef in. Put your beef in an inch or so of water, salt and pepper, and cook it how you like it. I tend to do ours well done for a roast, it also depends on how big your meat is (oo er) Ours went in for about an hour at 180 degrees. Also, stick some oil in your yorkshire pudding tin, and stick that in the oven as well to get nice and hot for later.

2. Next - get your yorkshire pudding mix ready, because you are going to leave that in the fridge til the end. Crack an egg into a jug, whisk it up. Add about two tablespoons of flour, whisk up. Now add milk, but slowly and keep whisking. It needs to be the consistency of thick cream. Add salt and stick in the fridge til later.

3. Peel your potatoes. Now we end up doing mashed potato and roasties, as me and the kids like mash. So I boil the potatoes for about 15 minutes, then put the ones I want to roast on a baking tray. I bash them up a bit, add salt, rosemary and sprinkle with olive oil. Oven for about 45 minutes. The rest of the potatoes just stay in the pan boiling away until I'm ready to mash them at the end.

4. Get the rest of your veg in the steamer or pans to boil, they should only take about 10 minutes. Take the beef out, pour the juice into a small pan. You'll use this for your gravy.

5. Get your yorkshire pudding mix poured out and stick them in the oven. DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN once these are in. If you've mis-timed - take the roasties and/or meat out before you put the yorkshire pudd mix in. I've done this LOADS of times. Re-heated roast potatoes are better than flat soggy yorkshire puddings, believe me.

6. Next up: gravy.

Yep - I spilled gravy - I am human you know!

Heat up the juice in the pan from the beeft earlier. Add an oxo. Get a teaspoon of cornflour in a cup and enough water to stir it into a paste. Pour this into the pan, stirring. The cornflour thickens up the gravy, so add more if you need to, but always as a paste with water don't just throw it in. (Again, I have done this - it won't end well...) Taste as you go, add another oxo, salt, pepper whatever you think.

7. Mash your potatoes. Drain them well, add a load of butter/low fat spread, some milk and just mash them until they are creamy.

8.  So now that's it, just serve it all up and chuck your gravy on. DEAD EASY. To be honest this took me loads of goes to get it right - I've tried all different ways of making gravy and yorkshire puddings and this is the way that works for us.

What does your roast dinner look like? Do you think YOU could do better than ME??

Surely not...and that is a challenge!!!


  1. I couldn't cook a Sunday dinner to save my life - literally. My Dad and husband are currently fighting for the crown of Top Sunday Chef - Dad holds it for now but Dave is certainly snapping at his heels.
    Not loving that you've made my pregnant tummy rumble and now I'm going to have to feed it cereal before bed ;) x

  2. I love making a good roast, it changes every time I do it depending how I feel. Looks good!

  3. Yum looks delicious! I don't cook roasts i leave it to my husband :)

  4. looks good, we're having a roast pork dinner today I can't wait x

  5. Julie Jingle Baxter2 September 2013 at 12:32

    Looks yum i havent had a roast dinner in a while

  6. yum, I rarely ever make a roast dinner, on the odd occasion that I do, I throw an onion in the bit of water with the beef, seems to make it extra yummy and smells amazing when cooking


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