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Easy Mum Recipe: Egg Fried Rice

Yep, I've called it Easy Mum Recipe, and I'm sticking with it, don't care about the connotations. It might even be a little series that crops up now and again. I am a mum and a wife after all and I can actually pass on some real tips.  The longer I'm married and the longer I am a mum, the more things I pick up along the way. I won't ever post recipes that I just find on the internet, I'll just do ones that I use. Cheap, cheerful mid-week teas and things like that. How to make it quicker, healthier and probably cheaper.

So here is the first one: Egg fried rice. I've tried Gok Wan's, Ken Hom's and none of them compare to chippy egg fried rice. Over the years I have tried loads of different ways, and this is the way that I like it. I'm not saying it's better than anyone else's or that I have perfected it (nothing nicer than chicken fried rice from the chippy.) But, if you want to make it yourself and have never tried, here might be a good place to start. It's easy, quick, healthy and cheap. All the family will like it and you can pretty much chuck in whatever you fancy, or serve it with a curry or whatever.

I have not put any quantities. I don't weigh or measure, I just do it by taste and sight, I tend to use 3 eggs and 4 spring onions in mine with enough rice for 4 people - the peas I just add in until I think there are enough - I don't have an exact science with this - or anything come to think of it!

You will need:

Brown Rice
Soy Sauce
Spring onions
Frozen peas
Groundnut oil

We used to buy the groundnut oil from a Chinese supermarket in Liverpool, but you can find it in your usual supermarket now. Peanut oil also does the same job, but don't use a usual vegetable or olive oil - you need the nutty flavour. Everything else you can just buy from the usual places - Home Bargains usually stocks what we need to be honest and you'll usually get it cheaper there than in a supermarket.

You can usually get brown rice from your supermarket. It is a bit more expensive than normal white rice, but we tend to buy this anyway as it is healthier. It also cooks up firmer - you know when you cook white rice sometimes it can be too fluffy - well this doesn't happen with the brown rice.


* Boil your rice for 30 minutes. Stick it in the sink in a collander and rinse with cold water. This just cools it down quickly. If you want you can just leave it to cool, but it takes quite a while, so I rinse it to speed the process up.

* Chop your spring onions roughly

* Crack your 3 eggs and whisk them up. Heat enough oil in a wok to fry the egg 

Keep stirring the egg quickly, and separate it into 'strands.' The picture below was probably taken a bit too soon - I like the egg in thinner strips than this, but you get the idea:

* Chuck in your onions and peas, fry them. Add more oil if you need it. Keep frying until the frozen peas have softened. Using a ladel, put the cooled rice in gradually. Put one ladel in, cover it with the oil as you stir, then add more rice, stir, until all the rice is in and coated with the oil. Taste it to see if you need more oil, add salt or pepper if you like.

* Keep stirring and mixing until you feel that the rice is coated. Then add your soy sauce to your taste. You can always add more peas, sweetcorn or any other meat you like.

Once it is done it should look something like this:

I tend to keep mine quite plain and light, but you really could add anything you like. So that's it. That's my easy fried rice recipe - took YEARS to get it like this!

It gets the Alice seal of approval - so that will do for me!

*I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned in this post. Recipe is my own, I am just sharing*


  1. oooooh, this looks lovey. I do love egg fried rice but I've never used groundnut oil for it before.

  2. Oh I've been looking for a good egg fried rice recipe for ages thank you xx

  3. Sim @ Sim's Life16 August 2013 at 10:47

    Ohhh I love proper egg fried rice but have never been able to make it properly myself. Turns out like scrambled egg with a little bit of rice in it :( Will be using this!x

  4. Sounds and looks yummy and so easy to make!

  5. I can spend a fortune on this from the chinese take away so thank you for sharing. Something so simple but when you don't know how to make it, it isn't so obvious.


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