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Day out Review: Knowsley Safari Park

To celebrate the launch of Jungle Dogs hot dogs we were invited to Knowsley Safari Park to take part in a fun launch event with the kids, to sample the food, take part in fun and games before going on to the park to see the animals.

Launch Event

The launch event took place in one of the park's events rooms. The room was decorated with jungle animals, inflatables and had a couple of fish tanks in it. I mention this because Alice is obsessed by fish and we had to keep chasing her away from the tanks! The aim of the launch event was for us to try this product and to sample some of the yummy recipes that they had prepared for us. As you can see from our photographs, we enjoyed sampling Jungle Dogs and we were impressed with the different recipes, which you can find on their Facebook page. Recipes we sampled on the day included:

*Skewered sausage with mixed salad
*Sausage on wraps with grated carrot and humous
*Sausage wrapped in salami with cream cheese
*Potato and onion salad with chopped sausage

We really enjoyed trying these out, as it was a nice change from the usual sausage on a bun.You will find nutritional information on their website to make sure that your little ones eat them as part of a balanced, healthy diet - they are £1.20 for 6 from Tesco.

The kids really enjoyed the launch event!

Celebrity Guest...

The event was attended by celebrity Tina O'Brien who I know from playing Sarah-Louise Platt in Coronation Street. Do you remember, she was the one who had Bethany and went out with Jason? Candice's best mate as well...
Well anyway, Tina was there with her little girl. Tina was lovely and friendly and Rosie wouldn't let go of her hand. She asked me if Rosie was my first and I pointed out the other two across the room, and she said 'Wow, I wondered why you were so relaxed.' My babies were well-behaved I must say.*

*One of them knocked a full cup of hot chocolate all over the table and the floor. I spent about ten minutes cleaning it up with Jungle Dogs serviettes. Also, Alice pulled over one of the inflatable palm trees, and I have evidence of this. Hey, I never said my family was perfect...!

Yep - that's my Alice trashing the place...

Safari Drive

Once the launch event had finished, the kids were given a little goody bag to take home. Inside they found toys from Grafix, including two arts and crafts packs; Animal Key Ring Pals and My First Animal Puzzles, colouring books and pencils and cute finger puppets. They also received some jungle onesies - Alice's was a cat and Emily's was a kangaroo. I don't think Rosie was too bothered about being left out! Alice and Emily wore theirs all the way round the park.

Emily and Alice's Grafix Toys

First of all we decided to drive through the safari part of the park. The drive is 5 miles covering 550 acres of land. Animals roam freely throughout their large enclosures - it is a real interactive experience. We drove past, amongst other animals, the African lions, Cape Buffalo, Grants Zebra and Baboons. The lions were massive and were not bothered by the cars driving through, often walking right up to the cars. The highlight for us were the baboons. The baby ones are just teeny tiny and often perched on the their mother's shoulders, which is so sweet. Of course we drove through the part of the park that says 'ENTER AT OWN RISK!" Our car in not exactly our pride and joy so we were happy for the baboons to do their worst. If you do have an immaculate car though I would suggest taking the car friendly route! As you can see from the photographs, the baboons jumped all over our car and picked at the plastic seal on top of the car. No great damage was done, and it was fun watching them. Emily was over the moon, but Alice was a bit scared when they scooched down the window...'don't like eeet' she laughed.

Don't know the name of the animal? Just call them 'big doggies...'

Walkaround Area

The safari park also has a large area that you can walk round on foot. We were given a map which was handy so that we were sure not to miss anything out. We saw elephants, giraffes and meerkats.  I think we hung around watching the meerkats more than anything, they are so cute the way they stand up on their back legs and look all surprised to see you!

Difficults...(Aaah that caption through you out didn't it!)

Bug House

It also has a bug house, seal show, bat house and a fantastic Birds of Prey experience. The bug house was dark and creepy - Emily loved watching the snakes and lizards inside. Outside the bug house and sea lion show building there is a place to leave buggies so you are not dragging them around inside.

Inside the bug house...

Birds of Prey Experience

We missed the sea lion show this time, but managed to catch the wonderful Birds of Prey experience outside. The birds almost touched our heads as they swooped and the talk was lively and informative - Emily came out saying 'Oooh I never knew that an owl had it's ears on it's face...'


There is also a face painting stall, a miniature railway at the lakeside and amusement rides. There was also a big sand pit for the kids to play in, a playground and a little picnic area as well as places to eat and drink, and baby changing facilities - important info for parents!

Ice cream was lovely. What diet??

Highropes Adventure

The park now hosts a 60 high rope obstacle adventure. We did not do this as our kids are just a little bit young and I am a real chicken but you can check that out here This is run by Aerial Extreme and tickets are sold separately for this.

Other information

The park is also accessible to people who do not drive, the Baboon Bus is available for you to ride in at 12.00pm and 2.00pm at a charge of £5 per person, children under 3 are free. Please check with the park to make sure the bus is running for your visit.

Tickets cost £16 per adult and £12 for children. Children under the age of 3 are free.

All in all we had a great day. We started round the park at about 2pm and did not leave until 4.30pm There is plenty to see and do, lots of animals to keep the kids entertained, even the little ones. Once you are inside the park you can drive around as many times as you like you are not limited to once round. I love Knowsley Safari Park - it's a great day out for the kids in the summer holidays, I would highly recommend it.

Check out our short video - watch for the bit of plastic rolling down our windscreen - they were just messing with all the bits and bobs on the car!

*Disclosure Information: We attended the Jungle Dogs Launch Event to blog about the launch and sample the product. For this we were given the goody bags for the kids, samples of Jungle Dogs to blog about later, a recipe book and free entry to the safari park. All views are my own.*

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