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Cow & Gate 100% Fruit Pouches: A Review

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Like all Mums I want the very best for my children and I feel the same about the food they eat. Although I am not a super-strict parent when it comes to food, and my kids do have treats, I do like to make sure that they are getting their 5-a-day and that we sit down to good wholesome home-cooked food. Of course my kids also eat some trashy foods, but I'd like to think that about 90% of what they eat is actually nutritionally good for them.

So when we were chosen to sample Cow & Gate's new 100% fruit pouches, we were very excited. Rosie is 5 months and just coming up to tasting-time, and Alice is almost two and absolutely loves her food. The samples arrived in a beautiful peach of a basket box and we also had a bib - the bib was a must on every occasion that we sampled these!

Our fruit pouch pressie!

The Product

The pouches contain a fruit puree, made of 100% fruit, Vitamin C and nothing else. As a mum, when I look at packaged foods for my children, I am always so surprised at how many ingredients are actually in something that is supposed to be just fruit, or just a meat and two veg meal. So with these you literally are just getting the good stuff for your kids, and they count as one portion of fruit towards a 12 month old's five a day.

They are available in the following flavours:

* Apple
* Pear
* Apple & Pear
* Apple & Banana
* Apple, Strawberry & Banana
* Fruit Mix

They are suitable for babies starting at 4 months old. Official recommendations for weaning your kids in the UK suggest starting them on food at around 6 months - as I have weaned two children I know that all babies are different, so if you are going to use this or any other product to help you weaning do seek advice from your health visitor if you are unsure.

The texture of the fruit is smooth - they are perfectly blended.

This is the Apple one!


What I liked about the packaging was the convenience. You can just chuck them in your bag when you go out, and know that your kids have a great healthy snack to hand. The pouch has an easy twist-off lid, so you can put it in a bowl if you like, or, for older children, just give them the pouch to eat from themselves. This is where a bib comes in handy!
Once the pouch is opened you don't have to use it all, you can store it in the fridge for 24 hours to be used again. We tended to do this with them - the pouches are 80g - I'd say just about the right size for a little snack.

Our Testing!

We used the pouches both at home and when we went out for dinner. I found them really convenient for outside the home. Alice is still exploring new foods, and sometimes the restaurants we go to are a bit too 'adult' for her, so we do like to take our own food with us. These fruit pouches were really handy just as a snack - especially since she could feed herself so it did keep her occupied as well.

Grab the bib!

We also gave her some after breakfast with a bowl and a spoon - she really loves to feed herself using utensils.

Alice's favourite was apple. Oddly, she pulled her face at the fruit mix flavour 'don't like eeeeet' - but I tried this with Rosie and she actually smacked her lips together at the sweet taste!

With Rosie only just beginning weaning, I just gave her small tastes. Obviously everything is new to her, and she did pull her face at first, but after a few spoonfuls over the course of a couple of days she really enjoyed it. I think it's important to be happy with what you are feeding your babies, and to encourage them with smiles and kisses, and this is where it was so easy with the Cow & Gate pouches - no guilt (for a change!) I knew that I was feeding them what they need.

The Brand

I wouldn't normally write about the brand, but I was actually really impressed with the whole package (literally!) The box the pouches came in  the lovely box pictured above and the whole product has an air of 'caring' about it. I know that as parents, it's our job to decide what is best for our children, but sometimes we do need to trust in a brand and certain products to help us along the way and this is one that I really trust. I will definitely be purchasing more of these to have handy in my bag for snack times when we are out and about.

The pouches cost 79p each and can be bought from major supermarkets.

If you want to read more about them visit http://www.netmums.com/family-food/cow-gate

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