Monday, 29 July 2013

Our Holiday in the Lakes

With having the babies so close together, we've sort of decided not to go abroad until they are a bit older. We still want to get away, but we think maybe an abroad holiday might be too much like hard work. So, we were looking at holidays in Britain for us to enjoy with the kids - just a short weekend away to break up the summer holidays - and that was when we decided to book a lodge in the Lake District at Limefitt Park. We stayed a long weekend, and crammed in as much as we could. 

Limefitt Park

The park itself is a lovely little 'village.' It is so relaxing with breathtaking views of the hills. We were away from the hustle and bustle of town life - it was lovely to just sit in the lodge at night with a  glass of wine, and listen to the river running, or the sheep in the nearby field baa-ing away.  

Badger's Way

This was the lodge that we stayed in. It was absolutely perfect 5* accommodation. It had everything we needed, it was modern, clean, spacious and had a gorgeous veranda where we fed the badgers peanut butter butties each night!

What we did

We went to Lakeside Visitor's Centre - walked around everywhere with the kids. We took a picnic and walked around the lake, stopped in the kids soft play area, had a brew and wandered around the shop.

Lakes Aquarium - This was great for the kids. Piranhas, otters, tiny field mice - loads to see. Alice was laughing her head off all the way round but didn't really like the fish...'Don't LIKE it' she kept shouting at the pike in the fish tunnel.

We went out for tea each night. There are plenty of pubs and things to do - the food was all home-cooked, reasonably priced. I've probably put a couple of pounds on but it is my holiday after all.

We went to the park in Limefitt a few times - the kids really enjoyed that. Even Rosie loved it - her eyes seemed to be wide open everywhere we went, little arms and legs kicking everywhere.

Night time was great. We left food out for the badgers, who came each night right up through the gate we left open, onto the veranda for their treats - right up to the patio doors. It was great watching them - they are HUGE.

The area itself outside the park is quite hilly. We took two single buggies instead of the double, and even then we preferred to take the car - it was just quite difficult pushing the babies on the road, and the paths were just too rocky or grassy. If we had gone alone then we would have walked everywhere, but as it was, the car was the best option.

I would definitely recommend Limefitt Park, and 26 Badger's Way. Truly a lovely relaxing break.

Here is a short video of our little hols:

*I am in no way affiliated with Badger's Way, Limefitt Park, or anything else on this post*

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