Friday, 26 July 2013

My 99p Stores £10 Summer Fun

You know what's like having the kids to entertain EVERY DAY for 6 weeks in the school holidays. It's great fun, but it can also be tiring, and expensive. So how chuffed was I when the 99p store challenged me to spend £10 in their shop on FUN STUFF for us. I obviously accepted the challenge with open arms and went on to the 99p shop in Liverpool. I let Emily pick most of the stuff, bearing in mind Alice, and of course I just HAD to spend £1 on myself. You know, us Mum's should treat ourselves too, you know. Can you guess which item is mine?

So, for our £9.90, we bought the following:

* 'Colours' - A Baby's First Words Book
* Crayon Carousel
* Vimto Bon Bons
* Pencil Case
* Glo-Stick Glasses
* Avengers Assemble Skateboards
* 6 Erasable Highlighters
* Wizzy Bug
* Gun Bubbles
* 2 pack of Easy Bleach (Whaaat???)

And here is the evidence of our fun-filled afternoon. The kids drive me BONKERS.

And what of the bleach? Well, I had my own summer fun cleaning the toilet with it...LIVING THE DREAM.

Disclosure: 99p Stores gave us a £10 voucher to spend in store as part of their summer fun campaign. I spent £9.90 on the items - the kids picked it all apart from the bleach. The bleach was my Mum treat. Cake might have been better, I'll get cake next time.


  1. Did the erasable highlighters work!?

  2. I think they did yes - no complaints from the kids anyway!


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