Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Home Improvement Hero?

So as you probably know, we have three kids (no more for us thanks!) and while we are grateful for each of them there was a time when Emily was just a poor sad lonely child, a bit like Billy Casper out of Kes, but without Judd to bully her about.

This was World Book Day 2012

Emily had her own bedroom, we had ours, and we had a spare room stuffed with crap i.e, books, records, all the usual.

Then along came crazy ginger Alice

She is bonkers

And Em wanted to share her room with her new sister, so we did this:

And we were grateful that we got to keep our spare room full of crap. We couldn't imagine where would put this stuff if Emily had wanted the room.

But then the stork paid us a surprise visit and brought us Rosie!


So, with Emily and Alice sharing, and Rosie in with us for the time being, we knew that it was time to clear out the crap room. The aim was to make Emily a new room, and eventually the two babies would share. We did this quickly, as time was tight and so were the purse strings. Up until last night, Emily's room was cluttered, dingy white walls, old bedding and just perfunctory really. Not what I'd call a nice kids' bedroom. 

I picked a particularly messy day!

So when Money invited us to take part in the Home Improvement Hero challenge - we absolutely grabbed it with both hands. They gave us £50 to do up any room of our choosing - and naturally we thought of poor Emily shoved out in the cold in the rubbish room. Like Billy again...

This is worth another post - we won 1st prize with this

What we bought:

* Paint in Lilac £14
* White Gloss £4
* Bedding £8
* Wall Art £2
* Photo Frame £5
* Cork Pin Board £3
* Curtains £7
* Lamp Shade £6

£49 all together.

The Results

New bedding - nothing expensive, just clean and simple

Pin Board - She can put what she likes on here and has made a start already

Wall art stickers

Lovely purple walls

And all clean!

Emily was over the moon. Purple is her favourite colour, and she was chuffed with the transformation. The real hero in this of course was Warren. I can't paint, or hang pictures, or anything DIY. So the holy ginger one gets the credit. Although I did make him a cup of tea - but he dropped paint in it and had to bin it.

What about all the crap?

Well, that just found it's sweet little way downstairs on to shelves, in the drawers, under the couch...

I would also like to take this opportunity to show what I found down the back of Emily's bed

So when I said, 'tidy your room' - this is where it all went...

We've told her if she ever does that again then we may well do some damage to that kestrel of hers and bury it in the back field.

This post was sponsored. We were given £50 and genuinely spent it all on Emily's room. All writing is my own and if you didn't get the 'Kes' references, go and watch the film, it's ace I promise.


  1. Natalie Hunter25 July 2013 at 21:33

    Gosh! Is that all you found???? Thomas (my eldest) could shame any would be bed crap hoarder and then some. Swap?

  2. God I remember watching Kes at school in English, must have been the one time I attended. Looks great & I nearly choked when I read "the holy ginger one" you do make me smile.

  3. WifeMumStudentBum25 July 2013 at 21:43

    Ha ha - I think that was Emily on a good day. I have found food before today, the MEFF x :)

  4. WifeMumStudentBum25 July 2013 at 21:44

    Ha ha, I loved that book in school. Em does a great impression of him as well. x


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