Monday, 29 July 2013

A218 Exam Results

This was my last comment on the final essay of the module A218 Medicine and Society:

"So put nicely, there's not a cat in hell's chance of me getting a decent exam mark here. I'm hoping for a pass, and worrying myself stupid about the exam."

It was entirely genuine, and if you've been following the student posts then you'll know that I went from a really decent essay mark, to average across the course, following being pregnant and the birth of Rosie. (No excuses)

So I got my result yesterday, and it's a 'Distinction.'

They don't feed back on exams, they give you a breakdown by knowledge, etc. I ticked most of the 'excellent' boxes.

This is not a bragging post. I don't do those, I am honest and just me. I just wanted to say that if you've been following the A218 blog posts, then you'll know that I went through highs, lows, pregnancy, birth, manic revision, three kids, and then hoping to settle for a Pass. I even kept my revision notes on the premise that I may just have failed.

My overall average essay score was just below the Distinction banding (85). I thought that because I hadn't hit the 85 that the high grade was impossible to achieve. Apparently it changes every year with the exam moderation, and I managed it. I still have 2 modules left, and a tough ride, but I'm determined and dedicated. If I fuck mess it up then I'm all cool. I just want my BA Hons, and that GRADUATION HAT BABY!!

So, the story is - set your targets and aim to achieve them. It doesn't matter if they are distinctions, passes, highs, average, whatever. Set your goals and aim for them. And aim high. If you don't hit them, the only person to piss hack you off is yourself. And you've got to live with yourself forever, so I'm fairly sure you'll let it go.

As for me, I'm on me holidees. I'm in the Lakes, drinking wine, watching Alan Partridge and typing this up as our internet has sped up fast enough for me to type this, I'll post it when I get back.

So that's it.


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  1. WifeMumStudentBum30 July 2013 at 00:36

    Thanks Nat. What are you doing next? Empire for me. WELL EXCITED. I'm banking on a mini-breakdown round about March, as usual ... :) x


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