Thursday, 27 June 2013

Teacher's Strike: Liverpool Edition

Those who can, teach???

So, the teachers were out en masse today striking against proposed pay changes, increased pension contributions and unsustainable work loads, and the general dismantling of their profession. I am not going to go too political on your arse, this is just a short post to show my support - I support the strike for two main reasons:

1. As a mother, I want my children to be taught by professionals who are the best at what they do, are happy in their work and can pass this on to my children. Teachers who are passionate about education are being made to feel like a heavy weight on the purse-strings of the government, who are keen to downgrade their profession. I want my children to be taught by capable, highly educated, dedicated professionals. And if this government continues to dismiss teachers, ignoring the advice of top educational professionals to continue with their own agenda, then who will be teaching our kids? Where will the best teachers go? 

2. As the wife of a teacher, I probably see things from the inside. 

Cushy Hours

Does my husband finish work at 3.30pm? No. Usually it's around 5.00pm, sometimes 7.00pm if it's parent's evening, 5.30pm if there are meetings, but NEVER before 4.30pm. And this is from an 8.00am start. And then there's the marking. The fricking marking. Seriously, books all over the table, for hours on end, can't cope.

I can hear people saying 'Well I work longer hours than that.' So what. I sometimes work longer hours than that, but it doesn't mean I'd rather be a teacher. HELL NO, I couldn't bear to be in a room with 30 kids, I can just about handle my own thank you very much! 

All the holidays in the frigging WORLD

Yes, 13 weeks holiday a year. But you know what, a lot of that time is actually spent working. And if not, so what? When people decide to train as teachers, they are aware that they get 13 weeks holiday a year - and they are paid for 39 weeks a year and the pay is pro rata. Also, back to my previous point - if we as non-teachers wanted 13 weeks holiday, all we would have to do is get a degree, then do teacher training for a year (which costs £9,000 now) and then just, well, teach. EASY PEASY?

Well, that's it. I'm not banging on, and I've not mentioned any politicians and/or policies in this mini-rant. I hope you all managed to sort childcare while the strike was on, and I hope that you'll support your children's teachers.  We saw my daughter's teachers there today and a few colleagues of my husband's. There were lots of children there in support, and as a student myself I think it's important that we fully support our teachers. Below are a few photographs from the day. 

I hope the strike action leads to resolution.

The march started at the Pier Head and ended at St George's Hall

Alice had no clue what the flag was for

It's like Where's Wally - Urgh Earth, Wind and Fire got my hair

Liverpool Socialist Singers - BOSS

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  1. I could never be a teacher, a room full of kids, no thanks! I only just survive my 5.


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