Thursday, 6 June 2013

Exam Jitters

The view for this evening
I said I'd try and find time to squeeze in another blog entry before the exam so I'm trying...I'm 'watching' a programme on Eugenics at the same time, sort of like revision, drinking red wine and I have a little goblin sat on my knee.

Scientific Racism

So, revising in themes is the way to go. I'll be honest it's not going too well. The information provided is not chronological and so it's hard to get a grip of it. I've made revision sheets and some of it is sticking but when I look at practise questions my mind goes blank. It's got to the point where I'm just hoping for a certain few questions that I can answer. It's gone from aiming for 85+ to hoping for a 40 to pass.


Once again it comes back to time. I have none. Kids are bonkers, I'm shattered by evenings, but that is just the way it is for me, so I should just get on with it.
Mummy we are not tired and will not go to sleep!


I try to be organised and plan my revision. I also have a million things to do (like everyone of course). Check out my fridge and notice-board. Mental. 

Just loads of magnets and appointments. Mental.

Loads of stuff. Mainly Emily's.

Other Students

The Facebook pages are ace. Everyone shares ideas and really helps. It's great to know that people are in the same boat, even if it is just stressing about exams!

The ones I have are:

A group for students who are studying medicine through history
2012 Medical history results group
Survivors of medicine and society

Exam Plan

I like exams. Seriously. There's something great about opening that paper and (after the initial panic) thinking 'yep, I can do this...' But this time I am scared, I'll be honest.  My worst fear (aside from being alone and sharks) is that I won't be able to answer any damn question.

Go on, tell me that isn't scary pants!


Empire. Can't wait. More to blog about. NEXT!

Me and Warren have consumed these tonight - would highly recommend:

As an aside - weight loss

I don't want to turn into a diet-bore, but I have lost a whopping 3.5 stone since having Rosie. I'm trying to get fit as well, been walking a lot and doing some weight bearing exercises. It'll take a long time but I'll get there, to be honest it has really helped my mood as well. I may or may not blog about this, I don't want to go off on a tangent. I may do one when I've reached my goal weight and just box it off in one post, I'm not selling any diet stuff.

Til next time... Good luck with exams everyone.

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