Monday, 10 June 2013

A218 Pre-exam post-revision: A Day In Pictures

So it's the last day before the exam and I thought that I'd just do a short post. Today my table is a mess. I don't have a study or a room to get on with my reading so I just take over the dining table and lock myself in there on occasion. Because literally ALL my revision material is on there, it is a disgrace and I thought I'd just document this. Mainly so that I NEVER LET MYSELF GET LIKE THIS AGAIN.

I'm wearing odd socks, and my head is just filled with information that I will forget after 5pm tomorrow. I'm sick of the sight of my books and I can't wait to get this exam over with.

40% to pass 40% to pass. Repeat until you're sick. Or something.

The 'dining' table - let's take a closer look...

Brain food. Apparently.
Of course it's old information, Kerrie, it's a History degree

The fruit is for healthy-ness. Hair dye - pfft that's not mine. I'm naturally light autumn auburn

I do hate him, and I don't remember any of  this stuff.

Who knew anyone could look so much like a fish. And if you want hair like mine just be so stressed that you forget to brush it.

Don't know how my bra helps with revision. This is all my washing just in off the line. Helpful, I'm sure.
Complete the sentence competition... "I need a water gun to help me with revision because..."
Not forgetting these two loonies.



  1. I need a water gun to help me with revision because it is full of alcohol and it helps me think. That would be my revision buddy.

  2. Love it. I should have tried that!


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