Thursday, 27 June 2013

Teacher's Strike: Liverpool Edition

Those who can, teach???

So, the teachers were out en masse today striking against proposed pay changes, increased pension contributions and unsustainable work loads, and the general dismantling of their profession. I am not going to go too political on your arse, this is just a short post to show my support - I support the strike for two main reasons:

1. As a mother, I want my children to be taught by professionals who are the best at what they do, are happy in their work and can pass this on to my children. Teachers who are passionate about education are being made to feel like a heavy weight on the purse-strings of the government, who are keen to downgrade their profession. I want my children to be taught by capable, highly educated, dedicated professionals. And if this government continues to dismiss teachers, ignoring the advice of top educational professionals to continue with their own agenda, then who will be teaching our kids? Where will the best teachers go? 

2. As the wife of a teacher, I probably see things from the inside. 

Cushy Hours

Does my husband finish work at 3.30pm? No. Usually it's around 5.00pm, sometimes 7.00pm if it's parent's evening, 5.30pm if there are meetings, but NEVER before 4.30pm. And this is from an 8.00am start. And then there's the marking. The fricking marking. Seriously, books all over the table, for hours on end, can't cope.

I can hear people saying 'Well I work longer hours than that.' So what. I sometimes work longer hours than that, but it doesn't mean I'd rather be a teacher. HELL NO, I couldn't bear to be in a room with 30 kids, I can just about handle my own thank you very much! 

All the holidays in the frigging WORLD

Yes, 13 weeks holiday a year. But you know what, a lot of that time is actually spent working. And if not, so what? When people decide to train as teachers, they are aware that they get 13 weeks holiday a year - and they are paid for 39 weeks a year and the pay is pro rata. Also, back to my previous point - if we as non-teachers wanted 13 weeks holiday, all we would have to do is get a degree, then do teacher training for a year (which costs £9,000 now) and then just, well, teach. EASY PEASY?

Well, that's it. I'm not banging on, and I've not mentioned any politicians and/or policies in this mini-rant. I hope you all managed to sort childcare while the strike was on, and I hope that you'll support your children's teachers.  We saw my daughter's teachers there today and a few colleagues of my husband's. There were lots of children there in support, and as a student myself I think it's important that we fully support our teachers. Below are a few photographs from the day. 

I hope the strike action leads to resolution.

The march started at the Pier Head and ended at St George's Hall

Alice had no clue what the flag was for

It's like Where's Wally - Urgh Earth, Wind and Fire got my hair

Liverpool Socialist Singers - BOSS

Sunday, 23 June 2013

How To Be a Music Video Hoe

I got the idea for this from, well...everywhere. It seems lately that everywhere you look there is the return of the 'video hoe.' Now I use that term loosely (ahem) because we all know that the word 'hoe' is awful and women calling other women 'hoe' or any other term is just ridiculous, live and let live and all that. Everyone has layers. Wait, wasn't that on Shrek???

So anyway, I wanted to see what it would be like to be a music video hoe, how do you do it, and what would it feel like to be a music video hoe for a day?

There are plenty in this Robin Thicke #blurredlines video, so I took a lot from here, including the lyrics, which are, of course, a fine example of literary genius and an exemplar model for my children to aspire to.  Possibly. You should listen to it as you read, makes me look more hoe-like and SEXY.

I could have done with some more video hoes, one is not enough but I just can't get the staff. Anyway, here are my results, in PICTURES.

"OK now he was close, tried to domesticate you..."

Domestic is my middle name, sweet

Well and truly domesticated


"But you're an animal..."

OK sometimes I look like a damn hamster, no need to get all personal with it.


Or a hoe ANIMAL with a power tool...well, a hammer, whatever


 "Girl you don't need no papers..."

Why did I even bother with my education??

"I always wanted a good girl..."

Getting Star of the Week is pretty good, right?


A good girl hoe

"You know you want it..."

What, chocolate??

Want WHAT exactly? Even though I'm a hoe I need you to be more specific please


 "Must wanna get nasty..."

Like binning the kids toys nasty???

That's right, even Alice's baby - NASTY

Or hoe nasty???



"What do we need steam for? You the hottest bitch in this place..."

Well of course I am, I'm boiling, I've been scrubbing this place for the past hour. Also, steam helps with the cleaning. Derr....

Or hoe bitch hot??

"What do they make dreams for, when you got them jeans on?"



Well being a music video hoe is certainly liberating. I got to walk round all day a sexy dress, and shove so much make up on my normal face so that it looked like another face, possibly a better face. And what do I think? Well, I could get all feminist about it, and in essence I am, but it was good fun. And what we should learn from this is that if you want to be a music video hoe, then be a music video hoe. And if you already are, then good for you.

However, I'll think I'll give Robin Thicke and Pharrell's offer of liberating me a miss. Thanks for the offer lads, but I'm just too fricking busy for that shit.

If anyone wants to PAY ME to be in a music video as a hoe, then you erm....well, you just should because I would be ACE. Probably.

What did you think of this post? What will become of me, will I run away from domestic life and actually be a music video hoe? Answers on a postcard, and follow me to see next week's edition that involves Warren recreating the video for 'I'm Sexy and I know it' ....

Monday, 10 June 2013

A218 Pre-exam post-revision: A Day In Pictures

So it's the last day before the exam and I thought that I'd just do a short post. Today my table is a mess. I don't have a study or a room to get on with my reading so I just take over the dining table and lock myself in there on occasion. Because literally ALL my revision material is on there, it is a disgrace and I thought I'd just document this. Mainly so that I NEVER LET MYSELF GET LIKE THIS AGAIN.

I'm wearing odd socks, and my head is just filled with information that I will forget after 5pm tomorrow. I'm sick of the sight of my books and I can't wait to get this exam over with.

40% to pass 40% to pass. Repeat until you're sick. Or something.

The 'dining' table - let's take a closer look...

Brain food. Apparently.
Of course it's old information, Kerrie, it's a History degree

The fruit is for healthy-ness. Hair dye - pfft that's not mine. I'm naturally light autumn auburn

I do hate him, and I don't remember any of  this stuff.

Who knew anyone could look so much like a fish. And if you want hair like mine just be so stressed that you forget to brush it.

Don't know how my bra helps with revision. This is all my washing just in off the line. Helpful, I'm sure.
Complete the sentence competition... "I need a water gun to help me with revision because..."
Not forgetting these two loonies.


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Exam Jitters

The view for this evening
I said I'd try and find time to squeeze in another blog entry before the exam so I'm trying...I'm 'watching' a programme on Eugenics at the same time, sort of like revision, drinking red wine and I have a little goblin sat on my knee.

Scientific Racism

So, revising in themes is the way to go. I'll be honest it's not going too well. The information provided is not chronological and so it's hard to get a grip of it. I've made revision sheets and some of it is sticking but when I look at practise questions my mind goes blank. It's got to the point where I'm just hoping for a certain few questions that I can answer. It's gone from aiming for 85+ to hoping for a 40 to pass.


Once again it comes back to time. I have none. Kids are bonkers, I'm shattered by evenings, but that is just the way it is for me, so I should just get on with it.
Mummy we are not tired and will not go to sleep!


I try to be organised and plan my revision. I also have a million things to do (like everyone of course). Check out my fridge and notice-board. Mental. 

Just loads of magnets and appointments. Mental.

Loads of stuff. Mainly Emily's.

Other Students

The Facebook pages are ace. Everyone shares ideas and really helps. It's great to know that people are in the same boat, even if it is just stressing about exams!

The ones I have are:

A group for students who are studying medicine through history
2012 Medical history results group
Survivors of medicine and society

Exam Plan

I like exams. Seriously. There's something great about opening that paper and (after the initial panic) thinking 'yep, I can do this...' But this time I am scared, I'll be honest.  My worst fear (aside from being alone and sharks) is that I won't be able to answer any damn question.

Go on, tell me that isn't scary pants!


Empire. Can't wait. More to blog about. NEXT!

Me and Warren have consumed these tonight - would highly recommend:

As an aside - weight loss

I don't want to turn into a diet-bore, but I have lost a whopping 3.5 stone since having Rosie. I'm trying to get fit as well, been walking a lot and doing some weight bearing exercises. It'll take a long time but I'll get there, to be honest it has really helped my mood as well. I may or may not blog about this, I don't want to go off on a tangent. I may do one when I've reached my goal weight and just box it off in one post, I'm not selling any diet stuff.

Til next time... Good luck with exams everyone.

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