Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Last TMA Results and Revision/ist Time??

TMA 06???

I completely forget what number we're on. But basically, it went OK. I wanted to properly ace it, but got a decent Pass 2. So put nicely, there's not a cat in hell's chance of me getting a decent exam mark here. I'm hoping for a pass, and worrying myself stupid about the exam.


We're supposed to be revising in themes, which is great because at least that gives us somewhere to go with it. So far I have these themes in mind:

Colonial medicine
Public health
Mental health
Patient/Practitioner relationships
Education of health professionals
Changing bodies


I'll be making revision posters/sheets for the ones I decide to focus on, I'm happy to share any of these. I have been trying to revise 2 hours a day. I find that any more than that and I am knackered. Public health is an absolute nightmare, it goes on and on in every chapter without let up or end. GAH.

On the plus side

I think that, like A200, I have finally 'got' the course. My whole idea of it is that medicine has moved on from being an art to a science, from 1500 - 1930. However, traditionalist views of that shift were triumphalistic, and now we look at it all as advancement and progression because of outside economic, political, social and religious factors.

And I think that is the point. If that's been obvious all along then fine, but it's only just come to me. And if it's wrong then see you for the re-sit. :)

Good luck everyone.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

A218 - Madness to continue??

TMA 05???

I forget. Seriously, I don't know what day it is, I'm so busy. All I know is that I started this course with a very high Pass 1 essay mark, and TMA 05 was at the bottom end of a Pass 2. I'm not one to post exact scores or anything, but I am really REALLY annoyed that even if I get 100% in this last essay and 100% in the exam - I STILL only come out with a pass 2. Gutted is not even the word.
People keep saying, 'Oh but you just had a baby and you're doing great...' even my tutor put something to that effect on his comments on my work. I know what everyone is saying is right but I don't want pity or even respect for continuing with the course. I want to get the best mark that I can, and I have let myself down. But that's that and we'll draw a line under that disappointment.

TMA 06

Reader, you'll be amazed. Two weeks to the deadline and I have finished this essay. It's a bit rough around the edges, but I have done it, just a few words under and I think it is OK. I went into it thinking I MUST get a pass 1 so that I can redeem myself and give myself a bit of a boost, but now I'm just thinking well, a pass 2 will do for now. It will do for this course. I can still get a pass 1 overall for my degree, so I don't have to sweat it. I'd honestly be happy with a 2:1, but the fact that I CAN get a first haunts me. Just to clarify, the OU has a different degree classification than 'normal' unis.

Pass 1 = 85 - 100
Pass 2 = 70 - 84
Pass 3 = 55 - 69

As far as I am aware, a Pass 1 at a usual uni is 75%. I have also heard that many employers know this and view a 2:1 from the OU in a different light than a 2:1 from a normal uni. But I'm not certain of that and I always think that people think I'm like Rita out of Educating Rita, all effing and bleeding. Partly true.

What a great film, and my husband teaches at  the school the author used to go to


So - exam time next. Scary stuff. I plan on re-reading the whole lot and revising the whole lot. Nothing has gone in, I never get a spare minute, and I know nothing. Seriously. I can write a decent essay, but my knowledge is poor off hand. Desperately need to go over the lot.

Sharing Stuff

I have quite a few past exam questions. I know that we can buy them from the OU shop, and that is great, but there is nothing wrong with pooling our ideas/revision exercises. So if you want to do swap-shop contact me on or catch me on Facebook/Twitter. It's great to share best practice and everyone knows the OU is a lonely old business and it is difficult when you think you're barking up the wrong tree.

Study Groups

This is something that I am really keen on. I think aside from the OU tutorials, students should get together, and it sounds really naff, but have a coffee and go over some stuff. Perhaps create a little agenda, spend a couple of hours sharing our stuff. It might be useless, might not be. I have tried to get people together before and it does prove difficult, everyone is busy, that's the nature of the OU, but if you have any ideas or are interested in a meet-up let me know. Please read that as 'I CAN'T STUDY AT HOME, THERE'S NO SPACE/TIME!'

General Stuff

Am I still enjoying it? Yes. But I'm frustrated and annoyed at that last essay mark. Actually really pissed off. I have had extensions on all my essays except this last one, the kids don't leave me alone, I'm too tired at night and I have just been knackered and filled with post-natally hormones. This is no excuse, I don't want excuses and I know I said I would draw a line under it.......BLAAAAA.

I'm looking forward to the end of this course now to be honest. I want to get a pass 2, I would be INCONSOLABLE if I got a pass 3, I'll be honest. I'm not a fan of Mr Gove and I don't care about academic brilliance and all that, I just think that we should all be hitting the targets we set ourselves, whether that be a pass 1 or whatever.

Well, that's it for now, short and sweet. Just grabbed 5 minutes while the baby is asleep. I will try to do another uni one before the exam, but I'm not promising anything... ;)

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