Saturday, 9 February 2013


Hmm. Time is something that I do not have a lot of. I was meaning to keep up with my blog but things have fallen by the wayside and well, I haven't written anything for AGES. 

So, Christmas has been and gone and we are now well into the New Year. I'm going to do like a little update on uni and baby stuff, and then attempt to get back into the whole blogging thing. I'm off on Maternity Leave in a couple of weeks so I should have some time then.

Uni Stuff

So, essay number two was written half on the train and half at 2.00am one morning when I just felt in the mood to get it finished. It was difficult, mainly because, being honest, I hadn't read what I needed to read and I felt like I was well behind. I never have any TIME to do anything and I was all worked up and bent out of shape about how I must be wasting my chance at getting my degree...

Results were surprising, another pass 1. It was the highest mark I have ever had in anything. I was shocked but I realised why I got the mark I did. I had carefully selected what I needed to put in, and I'd answered the question, backing up what I was saying with to-the-point evidence. This is because I had no time - I only had time to do the 'minimum', which prevented me from waffling and going off on a tangent, and hence the high score. I was over the moon - shame I couldn't have a drink to celebrate.

TMA 03

Harder. Those of you who are doing this course will know that the questions are a bit erm...wordy. It's hard to grasp what they want. The guidance notes were equally as woolly and I struggled with this for a while. Added to this the fact that I have missed two tutorials - one because I was on holiday and the other because I was just feeling under the weather and the kids were too. So anyway, I had an extension and submitted something I have not much conviction in whatsoever. So we'll just see what the score is to that. I struggled for time again, and felt like I hadn't read most of the stuff I needed to.

TMA 04

I've changed tactics for this TMA. I am actually reading every night for at least 20 minutes. I printed out the relevant chapters to the essay, and I'm underlining, highlighting and making notes purely for the essay as I go. This is coming along really nicely and I'm happy with my progress. I feel like I am trying to make a fresh start with this next book. Exam is in June, so I've got a lot of old ground to cover for revision, anyone got any spare time to lend me??

Baby Stuff

Everything is fine with baby. I'm 33 weeks now. I am fairly big, SPD has kicked in again, but I'll live. Baby is wriggling all over the place constantly and it's now starting to sink in that we'll have a new baby very soon. It's exciting and scary all at the same time. I keep thinking I'll have more time when I'm off work, but I'll have two kids under two and a nine year old to contend with so I don't think it's going to be all that easy! 

Double Buggy
When I am pregnant I get obsessed by things. Weird things. Like what's on the telly or cooking or whatever. For example, last time when I was having Alice, Celebrity Big Brother was on and Jedward were on that. I don't watch a lot of trash TV, but I do like CBB. So anyway, last thing on my mind at night was Jedward. Not in a sexual or weird way, just them on the telly. The only way I can describe it is it's like something playing on your mind all the time, but nothing serious. So anyway, this time around my obsession has been buggies. I have absolutely obsessed about which buggy to buy. I'll obviously need a double, and the price range is unbelievable. I literally spent three or four months obsessing about buggies. Well anyway, I bought one, and it's this one...
I am over the moon. It should have been £300, but it was on offer for about £198 on Amazon, and I used my student discount and got it for £185. Bargain. I've not set it all up properly yet, but I did try Alice in it the other day...

I'm sure once the new baby is in there and it's all set up properly it will be great. Looking forward to pushing it around and losing some of this baby weight!

Crying Episode 1

I'm not a cry-er generally, I like to think I am pretty well hard. But when I am pregnant I am a bit of a nutter. There have been two incidents of public crying that I will share here. Don't tell anyone.


We were out of shower gel and I'd normally buy like Dove or whatever. But as it was Sunday and we had just gone to Aldi, I literally had to pick something from there because there was no time to go anywhere else. I have this real issue with choice when I am pregnant. I can't pick what I want and I can't decide. So I'm looking at all these shower gels on the aisle. Warren's walked ahead with the trolley and Alice and Emily, and I'm just looking at the shelves, like WTF. I saw this...
It's literally ILLUMINOUS PINK shower gel. So I picked it up and started looking at it for a bit. Bear in mind that I had probably been lingering on this aisle for quite a while now and I'd started to feel a bit surreal/like I was in another world anyway. I turned it over and looked at the ingredients and then started laughing. Like proper belly laughing in the middle of the aisle and Warren turned round and just said 'What's up Kez?' and I burst into tears and said 'I can't PICK THE SHOWER GEL!!!' Warren came over and put the shower gel in the trolley as I sobbed and told him not to feel sorry for me, it was just my hormones. 

The shower gel? It's crap. Smells like fruit, reminds me of kid's sweets. Don't buy it. And if you ever see me sobbing in Aldi, just leave me to it, I'm fine.

Crying Episode 2

This time I was in Home and Bargain (I go to all the best places don't I?) I was dawdling around again getting lost looking at stuff. Warren had gone ahead probably actually getting the stuff that we had gone in there for in the first place. I was looking at porridge and Hobnobs and all sorts, when I spotted a FLAPJACK. It looked dead nice, but it was only a cheap no-named one, and it was a bit battered as well.  Anyway I took it off the shelf, examined it and said... 'ooooh OMNOMNOM'.... What???! So then I called Warren over and I was trying to explain what I had just said to the flapjack, but I started laughing uncontrollably and then I thought I might wee and I told Warren to go away because I might cry. Then I cried a little bit.

But I didn't wee, so clearly I win.

So that's it. Please comment, subscribe, get in touch. I'll try and keep my baby/uni posts separate next time. I've just been short of time. We (well, by we, I mean Warren, I'm crap at it) have been doing a controlled crying thing with Alice that I'll talk a bit about next time, it's really good and it really works, and it's easier and much less hassle than it sounds, but I'll save that for another day.

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