Sunday, 18 November 2012

A218 TMA 01 Results and TMA02

TMA01 Results

So it's that time - TMA01 results are in and I got a Pass 1, which I am over the moon about. It was one of my best marks with the OU so I can't really hope for any more than that. I just hope I can keep up the good work really and hopefully retain some of the information - brain is like a sieve. Once it's down it sounds good, but the exam is a nightmare waiting to happen if I carry on reading and running like this.


This one is a bit different. It asks us to look at two separate sources and to analyse them. I'll be honest I've looked at the written source and I can't make head nor tale of it at the moment. I plan on taking that one on the train with me tomorrow to have a good look at. The visual source - I'm useless at visual sources. I'll take that on the train with me as well and draw all over it. 
I'm looking forward to getting started with it - plan on making notes now and then I have a head start on myself. I hate chasing TMA deadlines, I'd rather skip a week's reading and go back to it - as long as the essay's in I can keep my head above water!


I'm doing OK. I'm more or less up to date, although one of the kids has broke my DVD/CD thing on my trusty old laptop, which means I am behind with the CD ROM and DVD. I'll have to print out the scripts and read them on the train until I've got time to fix my laptop or just drag myself out of my little world and use a different laptop for the DVD. I'm old. I like what I like...
I'm currently only studying for about 1-2 hours a week. This is scandalous, I know. What is it mean to be? 16 hours a week? Well that is just entirely unrealistic for me - I don't have enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done anyway. The most I can ever imagine is 1 hour a day, which is what I should be aiming for really. Pretty soon I'll have 3 kids and even less time, so I'll just continue as I am. I'm struggling retaining information to be honest, but revision will just have to sort that out *crosses fingers*


I really enjoy my tutorials. Because it is a bit of a nightmare getting to Manchester (I work there and go there nearly every day) I do just think 'nah sack it off' and not bother. But I don't, I make myself go and I'm glad that I went when I do. I feel it is a lonely business studying with the OU. At our last tutorial (Dr. Tom Saunders) he asked us if we'd ever heard of Paracelsus before this course and I started waffling on about him being used as a 'poster boy' for the Nazis and how Prince Charles is a fan...I must have sounded like a nutter, I was pretty sure maybe I had made it all up . But, a quick Google by a kind student in the class meant that I didn't make it up, and as I googled it myself I found this:

Paracelsus Film

Might be worth a watch, might not. I'll probably give it a ago if I find the time, which means NEVER, clearly. Let us know if you give it a watch.

Book Recommendations

Our tutor recommended these:

The Devil's Doctor

The Herbalist

They look great to be honest. I can always find extra time on the train to read books. I love books. And my shelf always looks better when stocked up and over-flowing with books. In fact I'm going to put these two on my Christmas wish list. I'll give them a review if I get round to reading them.

How are you getting on?

Please subscribe and leave a comment. How are you getting on? Was your TMA result OK? Have you got any book recommendations? What are your thoughts on paper-book-based reading on the train? Is it time to say goodbye to our leaf-ed friends?

I'm off to eat a flapjack and contemplate the amount of work that I need to get to to write this next TMA...

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