Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Short Update

I've not written anything for a long time. I think I was burned out after my MA and I had all these weird feelings about blogging as a parent while starting my PhD. What if the two things don't go together? How can I write about my research and my family? Do I need to be more serious?

These questions have been in my mind for a while and I have come to realise that actually I don't have to be anyone or do anything. I can just continue.

So, you might know that I finished my MA last year with a distinction. I was working part time and I have three children. I managed to secure funding for my PhD and now I work on that full time.

I won't be blogging about my research here. I am aware that it is niche and I think it is good that this space can be used for family. I might be able to offer some advice on time management, I might be able to answer any questions about returning to university, or parenting or history or anything. The point is, I think I lost myself somewhere at the back end of last year and I thought that I had nothing to give. But I've changed my mind. Without wanting to get too trumpet-blowy I have achieved a lot, and I think I would actually like to document it.

So... the question 'how do you do it?' Well. You will be glad to know that in my time spent offline I have figured out the answer to that. The trick is to keep going. It doesn't matter if you are slow, if you are last, if you need to stop for a short break, or if you're not the most talented, or most perfect... you just keep going. And you get there in the end.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Preview: FamFest Warrington!

We are ridiculously excited to be able to share with you a preview of what looks to be a fantastic event here in the North West. Famfest is Warrington's very first family festival and will be held at Orford Jubilee Park this summer!

We love festivals in our family. We always make the effort with wellies and flowers and glitter. The kids love a dance and a sing-song and we love how happy they are when they are free in a field listening to music and most probably eating pizza and ice cream. Here are a few photos below of our shenanigans in the past at festivals!

We are very much looking forward to this one. Not only do they have lots on for the little ones such as arts and crafts and a fun zone, they also have tributes to Will Smith, Katy Perry, Little Mix, Bruno Mars and many others. We love a bit of pop music in a field - we really are so excited already for this!

There are two stages lined up - the main stage which promises all kinds of pop tributes and acts to entertain you and your little ones, and the Fam Zone, which has all kinds of stars ready to perform, such as Mister Maker, Basil Brush and includes a circus and sports zone. There are also going to be a wide range of food vendors at the event.

Famfest will run on 11th and 12th August this year and tickets are on sale here.  For more information, please do visit their website. 

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