Thursday, 26 March 2015

Review: Bissell Vacuum Cleaner

I think it is fair to say that I am not very “modern.” As a history student I find this quite fitting actually. I don’t know how to use the TV, I don’t have all mod cons and nor do they interest me. I am always one for having things that are “classic” – and by that I sort-of mean ancient. My vacuum cleaner is no exception. I bought it when I first moved into my old house in Manchester (which is still for sale by the way, £69,950 – grab yourself a bargain…) I digress. I bought the vacuum cleaner in 2005. So it’s ten years old, and I always say “Oooh it’s great – so powerful, cracking little hoover – ten years old – classic.” It cost me somewhere in the region of £32.
In the back of my head I have sort-of known that this little vac is probably not doing its job. I mean it has great power, and as it’s a vac I can get in all the nooks and crannies. Unfortunately I have lost most of the attachments and it is looking a tad worse for wear. But still… does the job, right?
This is where the problem lies. It really doesn’t do the job. I probably vac once a week. Maybe. Cleaning the floors has never been a real priority of mine, I’ll be honest – but I am trying.
Anyway, you know how I know it doesn’t do the job? Well, because of this review. I was offered to test the Bissell vacuum cleaner for a few weeks. I do have to send it back (boo!) but I said yes to the review. I must have known in the back of my head that I do need a new vac, and road testing a modern fandangled sparkly one would be the best way to go about this, right?

So anyway, I did I quick whip around my bedroom, literally just to do a quick initial test of the machine, and lo and behold...

What a disgrace. I was mortified. I clearly have fallen completely behind with technology. So then I did our bedroom again, nice and slow and thorough, and again - FULL.

Also, there was the small matter of the wig that could have been made out of the hair that was wrapped around the bristles.... DON'T JUDGE ME!!

What follows is my review of this amazing vacuum cleaner. I am honestly gutted that I have to send this back.

What the Spec Says:

"edgeREACH™ technology is a one-of-a-kind innovative mechanism that provides superior edge and corner cleaning. The MultiREACH includes a two-way folding handle that offers users greater flexibility. The handle flexes forward which allows easy cleaning under furniture while being able to compactly fold back for easy storage." 

Even an idiot like me can assemble it. Really simple. Charge it for a few hours, lasts for 40 minutes and you’re good to go. The main cylinder can be taken out for easy emptying, and you can also use it like a hand-held vac to do your car or the stairs.
What it does

This vac is the ultimate in “picking up crap” – apologies for the colloquialisms, but it is true. It has every conceivable attachment for every part of your carpet. The main attachment head has a little spinning bristle brush inside. This is what makes the magic happen – it literally acts like a tractor on your carpet, lifting the shag piles up, and sucking all the dirt out. (Too many saucy jokes to be had in the last sentence, but this review is written by me so what did you expect?!) The bristle brush action can be turned on or off, so I cleaned my laminate floor with this with the bristles off, as I only required the suction (which is unbelievably powerful.)
It also has a button that you can turn on to reach the edges of your skirting boards. You press the button and it sucks in from the edge. I can’t tell you how all this works, but it just does.  The head swivels in all directions, and the stand actually collapses at the flick of a button so you can clean right underneath your couch or bed without having to move it. Amazing scenes.
It is incredibly light and very easy to manoeuvre. I have SPD (wonky pelvis) from carrying the babies and cleaning the floors can be one of those jobs that really irritates it, but this cleaner is so light that there is no messing around.
I cleaned my rug. It looks like new now, no kidding.
How I found it
Can you tell that I love this yet?
ALL the pros. You don’t need me to praise this vac any more. You can read about the specification on Bissell's website listed below if you want more information. If you want a new vac, and you have the cash to spend then I highly recommend this one.
The price for this is around £250. This is the only downside to me. This is more than I can afford at the moment to spend on a vac. But then again I am a student, a mum of three and I am trying to sell a house, so my financial situation and my priorities are quite tight. If I had the money spare I would definitely purchase this - I have dust allergies and I sneeze all the time. It's no wonder. My house was clearly crying out for this amazing mod con. You really do get what you pay for. I am very sad to see it go back. I think that it would be better if they let me keep it. Maybe I could start my own campaign using a hashtag and everything?

It’s got a certain ring to it, no?

To have a look at these amazing fandangled new machines do visit Bissell Direct. And if you buy one, try not to make me TOO jealous will you....

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Cake to End All Cakes!!

I baked a rainbow cake for Rosie's birthday.

Now I am not a baker. I am more of a now-and-again baker, who sometimes gets it right. And this one was great! 

It has 10 eggs and a whole world of butter, so defo not for the calorie-conscious among us!!

Check out our pics!

There are loads of PRETENDERS to the food blogging throne. A couple of my favourites are Helen from Casa Costello and also Helen from The Crazy Kitchen. Bloody Helens trying to take over. 

Check out how our cake turned out PROPER PROFESSIONAL and that - OK, I concede that my piping is a bit SHOUTY but I've never piped before so I think I'm an actual natural.

Well, anyway. OBVIOUSLY now I have been crowned some sort of baking genius and all is well with the world. I've even been allowed to join Foodies100, the food blogging rankings, and look what they did.

I think I made their rankings explode.

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