Monday, 23 February 2015

Safety First When Driving

This post was written in collaboration with More Than.
I like to think that I am a careful driver. I used to commute to Manchester and back for three days a week, and I was always pretty safe. I think that when we know it may be dangerous – driving at high speed or on the motorway, then we do tend to be more careful. If I am really honest I would say that I  have been the most careless when driving really slowly. I have *ahem* pranged a couple of my cars in the past. Usually on low walls, pillars and once on another car’s bumper (I stayed and waited to tell them – oh the shame)… These are nothing to be proud of, however, if I do bump the car I tend to just notch up the scratch or little dent to just one to add to all the rest! I wouldn’t say I am a car person – cars get me from point a to point b and that is really all that matters for me at this point in time.
However, despite my little knocks and scrapes, I am quite keen on road safety. I always make sure that the children are secure and I do stick to speed limits and follow the rules of the road. (OK – I went on a speed awareness course once when I was a lot younger – the road looked like a 40 to me…) I think as we get older and more experienced driving we become more aware of the impact of the way we drive. A car is such a dangerous thing in the hands of the wrong person, and at best, a little knock can damage your finances. Maybe More Than's Telematic Driving Score style could help me to see how I drive, how safe I am behind the wheel and teach me the bad habits that I may have picked up along the way. I am quite keen to be a safe driver at all times, even when driving slowly or reversing!

For now though, I rarely use the car. I get the bus into work and back and with Spring on its way I will be walking more. So that suits me fine! Wherever you are driving or whatever journey you are undertaking with your vehicle, stay safe. It only takes a slight lapse in concentration and that’s it, you’ve another bump or scratch to add to that ever-growing list… or maybe that is just me???

Saturday, 21 February 2015

The A-Z of Soft Play Areas

As a parent we face the eternal dilemma at weekends and holidays: What to do with the kids. One option that we do have are the many soft play areas (or HELL as I refer to call them.) If you're a parent - you definitely will have been to one of these hell-holes at some point. So below is a handy A - Z guide. Just so that you know you are not alone.

A is for the massive Arse that you are for actually going to one of these places. Are you wired up right???

B is for Ball Pool - full of snot-nosed kids and home to literally 857 BILLION bad germs. What were you thinking???

C is for Cash. You will have none by the time you leave. Costs a fortune to get in, and thanks to the strategically placed gumball and egg surprise machines, also costs a fortune to get out.

D is for Deciding to leave out some of the letters of the alphabet because a) it's my blog and I can be obnoxious if I want and b) I can't think of something for EVERY letter I'm not a bloody genius, you know.

H is for the Heart Attack that you will narrowly avoid watching your two year old almost come down the massive super slide on a trike. Run for your life and just stop that sh*t from happening. It won't end well.

J is for Jungle. Because that is essentially what these places are. If your child wants to play on the ride-on car then they will most likely have to FIGHT for it. It's not pretty and someone is going to cry. Loudly. Oh the joy.

P is for Pain. This comes in many forms. The aforementioned pain to the wallet, headache from the noise, kids tripping and banging heads.... be prepared to use your magic kiss to make it all better. For them, not you. Obviously.

S is for Stop. As in Non-Stop. Sorry about that. Take your shoes off as soon as you get in, forget sitting down with a brew and the paper - there is work to be done; e.g. rescuing your three year old from the mild peril of a soft-play wrecking ball. Just do it. You are Super Parent, look lively.

T is for Tired. This is you, not the kids. Your cunning plan to take them to soft play for a couple of hours to "burn them out" has only fired them up for more. They will be kicking and screaming as you take them home, and bouncing off the walls until they collapse. Forget the wine, you'll just want your bed.

Y is for Your children's faces. Because despite all of the above, their happiness is your happiness. And as soppy as that sounds, it's true. And you'll be back in soft play hell again sometime soon.

Oh yes you will

*does evil laugh*

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