Thursday, 2 July 2015

Review: Clarks Brogues from Brantano Footwear

I was delighted to be able to work with Brantano Footwear - I do love shoes but tend to put the kids' shoes and footwear before my own - I am the kind of mum that wears her shoes into the ground before buying more! However, I have been trying to change this lately, and so I was really excited to be asked to review a pair of shoes (for myself!) from Brantano's website. Brantano do shoes for all the family so of course I had a good nosey around their fab website before deciding which ones to pick!

We tend to buy our girls Clarks shoes. They last a long time and are excellent quality - so I chose myself a pair of Clarks Hamble Oak Blue Brogues. I can not stress how excited I was when the postman handed me the box! I LOVE flat shoes and I have a bit of an obsession with a good brogue. They are so versatile, and these ones are adorable. I love them.

These brogues are in soft, patent blue leather and have lovely cushioning on the inside. An absolute joy to wear. They came with beautiful ribbon-style laces and a pack of normal navy laces too. I love the ribbon - it just gives a soft feminine touch to a classic brogue. The sole is brown, and there is a slight heel - maybe a centimetre or so - makes a great sound on concrete.

I love these shoes. I knew I would love them before they arrived and now they are here I wear them all the time, no kidding. Warren has joked that I will probably buy any new clothes with a splash of blue in them so that I can wear these shoes... he's not far from wrong! I wore them a few weeks ago with a blue polka dot dress and they were lovely - and so comfy too - handy when I am chasing the little ones around!

These shoes were £60 from Brantano, definitely worth the price - the quality is there and definitely worth paying for.

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I was sent these shoes for the purpose of this review. All words and views are my own.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Operation Wobbly Bottom: Week 13

I had two 'free' days this week. One of which was planned - a beautiful wedding with loads of gorgeous food, and then one unplanned, which was a little get together at a friend's house. I promised I wasn't going to eat or drink but the food looked amazing and I had a couple of strawberry fizzy wines. Apart from that, I have stuck to the plan the rest of the time I was very pleased to discover that I had stayed the same weight.

I have been loving MASSIVE roast dinners or fish with veg lately. Fills me up and is full of goodness.

I honestly was scared that last week's weight loss was some kind of anomaly - I honestly haven't weighed this weight for about 8 years.

My goal weight is 10 stone.

I now weight 10 stone 13½

I can see my goal weight in the distance!!!

However, I do think that as I edge closer to 10 stone I will change my target weight to 9 stone 7lbs or there abouts. I don't really know how I will feel when I get there, but I think that 10 stone will still be too heavy for my frame - I am only a short thing and I have WAY MORE than 13lbs of actual fat left wobbling, I promise you!

That's it really. I already did a short update the other day. I'll get some new photos up when I reach the next half stone, and I think a "come shop with me" post will be due too - most of my clothes are much too big now. I can still get away with some of the dresses but they are starting to look a bit silly on the shoulders as that is where I have lost the most weight.

I have not been to the gym yet this week - it's too HOT and I get really stressed out and hot and bothered when it's like this. I have been doing some exercises in the house instead.

I'll be back next week hopefully with a couple of pound weight loss. One would do. I feel like I am on a long journey and I am more than happy for the weight to come off slow. I'm enjoying it this way and that's what matters.

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