Monday, 28 July 2014


Just kidding, am I balls.

But Next have made these ACE T-shirts with that as the slogan. Love them. Lots of bloggers have them.

However, Next, I IMPLORE you to produce my own unique take on the design.

Please. I need one of THESE in my life...

Dulux Bedroom In A Box - Follow-up and Competition

If you read regularly you will know that we recently reviewed Dulux Bedroom In A Box - a bedroom make-over kit containing everything you need to decorate a child's room - mural, wall and wood/metal paint and adhesive. We chose the Peppa Pig design - you can read our review here.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Our Visit to Imperial War Museum North

I am a massive history nerd, as you can probably tell from my blog posts about my studying. I absolutely love the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, and so I tend to go to every blogger event that they have - and this time was no exception. This summer they have a major First World War Cenenary exhibition - and we were invited to the preview.

Recipe Challenge with Tenderstem Broccoli - Asian Salmon

We were recently asked to create some recipes using Tenderstem Broccoli. The recipes are inspired from cuisines from all over the world, and the aim is to use more Tenderstem broccoli in our food through quick and easy family-friendly recipes. 

This is the final blog post about Tenderstem - and I'll be honest I am a convert! You can read the first blog post here. They have some great recipes on their website so do check them out and let me know if you try a few out for yourself.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Recipe Challenge With Tenderstem Brocolli - Spanish Paella

So if you have been following these recipe posts you will know that I was asked to take part in a challenge to use Tenderstem Broccoli in a few different recipes, inspired by cuisines from all over the world. This is my second instalment in the series, and I must admit I have loved doing this. I hope you have picked up some ideas from their website!

Recipe Challenge with Tenderstem Broccoli - Mexican Beef Fajitas

We were recently asked to create some recipes using Tenderstem Broccoli. The recipes are inspired from cuisines from all over the world, and the aim is to use more Tenderstem broccoli in our food through quick and easy family-friendly recipes. We do eat quite a lot of fruit and veg in our diet, but admittedly I had never cooked with tenderstem before. This was something that I was quite keen to get started with. I began by making two recipes sent to me. I will be writing more about tenderstem in another blog post to let you know about how we got on with the other recipes!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Tea-Time: Another Cautionary Tale

Imagine you have three children. Three girls aged 10, 2 and 1, a curious mix of hormones, Haribo and Horrid Henry - or Emily, Alice and Rosie. Tea-time can be quite...interesting. By tea-time I mean evening meal, you might call this dinner, but I'm not here to preach about semantics.

So imagine, home from a hard days' work, you and your husband partnering up, as usual to prepare the evening meal. Alice, aged two is pottering about the living room making pretend cups of tea, and Rosie is sat strapped in to the chair at the dining table, eagerly awaiting her food. Emily is outside playing with her friends.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Frigging Loom Bands

Do you also have kids that are obsessed with this loom band thing? What IS it all about? I mean they are all very pretty and everything, and I have some lovely bracelets, but we need to have 987,894 of them hanging around the house?

So I have made a detailed post of alternative uses for loom bands. Here you go...

Balancing a crazy life with children

This post was written by a freelance writer.

We all know that having a child (or multiple children) can be – or at least feel like – a full time career in itself. But if you’re in a situation where your day job is just as stressful as the hard work you do at home, just how do you balance it?

Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Open University Experience

This is a vlog about my experience with the Open University.

I put my posh voice on and EVERYTHING.

Hope you enjoy, feedback appreciated!

Friday, 18 July 2014

F*ck YEAH it's FRIDAY Photo Link Up

I'm starting a Linky like right now.

No planning, nothing. It's just a one-off. Yes, I'm an idiot and whatever, I don't care.

Just link me up a positive picture and let's create a lovely page full of positivity for the weekend.

Or not. Then my linky will fail and I might cry. You don't have to be a blogger, you can just upload.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Final School Play: A Cautionary Tale

Imagine you have a ten year old daughter, we'll call her Emily because that is her name. She is leaving primary school next week to start High School in September. You also have a two year old daughter, Alice and a one year old daughter, Rosie. Now let's imagine that is the final school play of the year; the scene has been set. Emily has a cracking part of Head Teacher laid out before her, and you and your husband are looking forward to the ground-breaking production.

Of course you must take the two younger girls to watch the play too...

"Choose your weapon..." you say to your husband. He picks the youngest. Rosie. Smaller, bit more difficult to control, still in nappies and now walking and wrestling her way around.

You smile. Yes! Alice is the easier one. She can talk, walk and will sit still longer than five minutes at a time because she doesn't have the attention-span of a goldfish.

So far, so good.

After The Kids Are In Bed

This post was written by K Weston who is a freelance writer.

After the kids have finally gone to bed and there is no chance that the dears won’t come paddling down yet again, a special kind of peace tends to descend over the household. Now is the time to catch up with EastEnders or get the latest on the current Coronation Street scandal, with most people watching quite a chunk of television per day. But there are better things to do that sitting in front of the flat screen, things that will make you feel good rather than send you into some kind of torpor.

Mecca's Childhood Memories

This is a PR collaboration
Mecca Bingo have challenged me to answer a few questions about my teenage and childhood years. I was a bit of a geek at school, but I liked the idea of going on a little trip down memory lane.

Show off Your Skills

This is a post written by a freelance writer.

Everyone’s got skills, it just so happens that not everybody’s are the same. There are some people who can do some really fab stuff, and it seems ridiculously cruel when you try and copy and you can’t. But, I bet there’s a ton of stuff you actually can do that they suck at, so it’s not all bad. Saying that, there was always that one girl in school, wasn’t there, who had it all, but you know, whatever, life’s just not fair and all that. Whether your talents lie in things you have full blow qualifications in or they’ve just got ‘the wow factor’ they’ll impress someone, somewhere.