Saturday, 6 February 2016

5 Life Lessons From My Children

I've started to think about this whole life thing. I'm constantly telling my kids to do things the "right" way -  but what if I as the adult am the one who is doing it wrong?  And so, I tried a few of their coping-with-life strategies.

Here is how I got on:

1.) Making friends

I'm slightly socially awkward and a bit of a loner so making friends doesn't come naturally to me. However, it does to my kids. So I learned from them.
Last week I was sat in McDonald's with the kids and I spotted another woman around my age on her own. I just walked over, sat down next to her, smiled, held her hand and said "We are best friends now!"

Verdict: Stirling effort. However, possible police involvement.

2.) Toilet-ing

I don't want to do a poo in a cold bathroom. I don't want to sit there alone while everyone else is sat in the living room chilling out, Netflix and Chill doesn't involve poo-ing does it.

So, I simply brought the potty into the living room, perched it on the thick warm rug, sat down and played Candy Crush whilst doing a poo in the comfort of my own home in full view of everyone.

Verdict: Home sweet home comforts. Divorce looming.

3.) Food

We went to a restaurant. I didn't like the texture of the tomatoes. I hate just chewing and chewing something that I don't like and then swallowing it. Why am I doing this?

So I simply lean over and spit it all out on the table whilst shouting at the top of my voice "DON'T LIKE IT DON'T LIKE IT."

Verdict: Honest Brave. Date nights are now dead to you.

4.) Social Media

It seems inappropriate to behave in real life as you would do online. But my pre-teen does so I gave it a go. When I was talking to my Mum the other day I told her I'd bought a new washing machine - I appended it with "Hashtag don't you wish you were me."

In a work's meeting the other day someone made a mildly amusing quip and so I just said "LOL"

Verdict: Interesting. Mother is concerned and work have offered a first written warning.

5.) Tiredness

Oh I'm so tired and so very busy. All the time. So one day I just decided to cry about it. Literally threw myself on the kitchen floor and cried real tears. Then when Warren suggested that I should go to bed, I screamed in his face and told him "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BED!" Then continued to cry great heaving sobs, snot and tears everywhere, arms and legs splayed all over the floor.

Verdict: Unhelpful. Annoying to everyone.

Review: Crust Liverpool

As a family we are always on the look-out for great places to eat with the kids. We sometimes visit places with soft play areas or outdoor climbing frames and activities - but quite often we also like to take them out to places where they can just eat good food and enjoy our time as a family. Quite often we visit Liverpool city centre maybe to shop and then venture out for something to eat.

Crust is a new restaurant situated on Bold Street in the centre of Liverpool. We were delighted to be asked to try out their family-friendly menu - Crust is an Italian restaurant with the tagline Pizza, Pasta, Beer. Honestly, I can't see anything not to like with that!

The atmosphere in Crust is great. Chilled music in the background, really friendly staff, plenty of room to move about. There are two floors to Crust so there is plenty of room, and the food is cooked in a kitchen you can see, which is always good - it gives a real fresh home-made element to the experience.

The Menu

The menu is varied with lots of choice. Pizza, pasta, salads, starters, desserts - there is something here for everyone.

Our Food

I ordered the Farfalle. This was absolutely divine. Creamy, but not too heavy with flaked smoked salmon and cracked pepper finished the dish off perfectly. As a family we tend to mix and match our food, so all of us tried a bit of everything - all of us enjoyed a bit of my "action man bow tie" food.

Warren ordered the Straccetti pizza.This had fresh rocket leaves and succulent fillet steak. He ordered the organic base which was thin, crispy and light. Absolutely gorgeous. (Of course I dug in too!)

Emily had the spaghetti carbonara. This was creamy with crispy pancetta running through it - the saltiness balancing the cream perfectly.

The kids had a plain margherita pizza between them. Rosie and Alice LOVE pizza and one to share was enough for them - we tried a bit each it was gorgeous - but they demolished it all between them!

We also had a side dish of sweet potato chips - these were yummy.


Now Crust stock a large variety of beers, and Warren is a bit of a beer connoisseur. We both like to try different beers and get a bit fed up with the same. If you are after something a bit different then Crust is the place to be. We had two beers each a San Gabriel and a Menabrea. Perfect to wash down pizza and pasta and served in frosted ice cold glasses - we were very impressed.

Overall we were very impressed with Crust. We were surprised at how good the price was to feed all of us. Our bill came to arond £50 and that was for more than enough food, two beers each for myself and Warren and a soft drink for Emily (the kids just drink water.) We ate all of our food, but if you did leave any they also pop the food in a box for you to take home, which I think is great - I hate waste!

We have already returned to Crust since we last visited for this review. We love it. To feed a family of five for £50 with such fresh and lovely food, great friendly staff, quick service and comfortable surrondings - you really can't go wrong.

Disclosure: We were invited to enjoy our meal free of charge by Crust, but as always, all words and views are our own.

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